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Craft Item
Crafting an item in a game
world requires the player to
have the ingredients and the
skill to craft that particular
type of item. In addition to
being trained in the right
skill, the character must also
have raised his skill to a suffi-
cient level to make a crafting
attempt of the target item.
Some or all of ingredients are
normally consumed whether
or not the crafting attempt
was successful. These factors
are incorporated into the
TFD template in Figure D.2.
Figure D.2 Craft Item TFD template.
Heal Character
Whether its medics, magic,
or a well-deserved nap,
nothing beats a timely heal
to get you through a tough
mission, level, or battle. Get
a friend to resurrect you or
respawn to start over. You
can also change “Heal�? to
“Repair�? and use the TFD
template in Figure D.3
when it's your car or robot
that's taking a beating.
Figure D.3 Heal Character TFD template.
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