Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Games are full of custom
elements. You can create
characters, teams, play-
books, song lists, and skate-
boards. You also need to
save them if you want to see
them the next time you fire
up the game. The TFD tem-
plate in Figure D.4 handles
creating, deleting, and fill-
ing up your save slots and
restarting the game without
saving your changes. If you're
using this for something
besides character creation,
replace “Character�? with the
name of the type of element
you are testing.
Figure D.4 Create/Save TFD template.
Unlock and Buy Item
Simulation, RPG, adventure, and even
sports games tend to have featured
items that you can purchase once you
have unlocked the ability to purchase
the item and have enough points to
actually buy it. The “items�? could be
weapons, spells, clothing, furniture,
mini-games, new vehicles, or new lev-
els. To unlock them you may have to
complete a specific task or mission,
defeat a particular opponent, raise
your character's level, or achieve a
result under special circumstances.
Test your purchasing power using the
TFD template in Figure D.5. Some of
these criteria are documented in the
game and some are hidden. Shhhh…
Figure D.5 Use Points Buy Unlocked Item TFD
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