Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
iv. Art Team
1. Art Lead
2. Additional Artists
v. QA Team
1. QA Lead
2. Additional Testers
vi. External Contractors
1. Mocap Company
a. Contact Name
b. Contact Phone Number
c. Company Address
2. Composer
3. Sound Effects House
4. CGI house
5. Voice Director
6. Etc.
b. Executive Summary
i. High Concept
ii. The Hook
iii. Story Synopsis and Setting
iv. Genre & Scope (such as number of missions or levels)
v. Visual Style (2D? 3D? Isometric? etc.)
vi. Engine (and editor?)
c. Core Gameplay (What does the player do ?)
i. Single-player
ii. Co-op?
iii. Multiplayer?
d. Game Features
i. Gameplay innovations
ii. Advances in AI
iii. Artistic techniques and achievements
iv. License tie-ins (if applicable)
v. Other features that will make this game better than others like it on the market
e. Project Scope
i. Number of distinct locations
ii. Number of levels/missions
iii. Number of NPCs
iv. Number of weapons
v. Number of vehicles
vi. Etc.
f. Target Audience
g. Delivery Platform(s)
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