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1 Fencer ability and 1 White Mage ability: Summoner job is not available
0 Fencer abilities and 1 White Mage abilities: Summoner job is not available
1 Fencer ability and 0 White Mage abilities: Summoner job is not available
4. Figure A.9 shows the initial Host branch expansion to include the “Removed from play�?
possibility. From there you would check which cards available in the game can produce
each of the effects represented. Any effects which are not possible should be removed from
the tree.
Figure A.8 Summoner job tree.
Figure A.9 Initial “Removed from Play�? portion of the Black Pendant “Host�? branch.
Chapter 14
1. False
2. Game testing is very hard and often tedious work. If the work of game testing is going
to be valued (and compensated) fairly, game testers must do all they can to reinforce to
non-testers the serious nature of their contribution to the production of games.
3. Free testing is an unstructured search for software defects. It results in additional bugs
being discovered. Play testing is a structured attempt to judge the quality, balance, and fun
of a game. It results in suggestions and feedback that the designers can use to tweak and
polish the design of the game.
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