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7. The path produced from the inverted usage values will depend on the random numbers
that you generate. Ask a friend or classmate to check your path and offer to check theirs in
Chapter 13
1. The bug fix affects “sound,�? “Orks�?, and “weapon�? so you should run the collection of tests
associated with to the following nodes on the tree:
Game Modes—Skirmish—Races (Orks)
2. Start by creating four branches—LAN, Online, Direct Host, and Direct Join—from the
Multiplayer node. Then, reproduce the set of branches attached to the Skirmish node and
attach them to both the new LAN and Direct Host nodes. The affected portion of the tree
should look like Figure A.7.
Figure A.7 Expanded Multiplayer portion of test tree.
3. (a) The Summoner job tree is shown in Figure A.8.
(b) Based on the nodes in the Summoner job tree, you should have the following test cases:
2 Elementalist abilities and 2 White Mage abilities: Summoner job is available
2 Elementalist abilities and 1 White Mage ability: Summoner job is not available
1 Elementalist ability and 2 White Mage abilities: Summoner job is not available
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