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Figure 17.1 Control panel with test recording controls.
This is sort of like the airplane black box recorder that's always on, so that when an
accident occurs analysts can work backward from the data to draw conclusions about
what caused the accident.
Here is a breakdown of what a recorded test looks like:
;FileName: c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop\vht test files\test1.inb
;Created: Tue Dec 21 15:51:46 2004
This part is the header that is automatically added by VHT. It includes the filename
and path of the test file and the creation date of the file. There are also placeholders to
provide the author's name, a product identifier, and an abstract description of the test.
ActivateWindow(“Progman�?, “Program Manager�?, NULL, 10.0)
ActivateWindow(“SysListView32�?, “FolderView�?, 1, 10.0)
ClickListView(1, “Dawn of War�?, DBLCLK, 0.0)
ActivateWindow(“Plat::Window {DB3DC0D7-BBA3-4d06-BCD8-40CD448B4AE3}�?, “Warhammer 40,000:
Dawn of War�?, NULL, 10.0)
Here the recording begins to capture your test actions. It shows that the test starts by
launching the game window. As you can see from the data in the test commands, you
are testing Dawn of War . The ClickListView command captures and plays back the act of
double-clicking on the game's icon. It will find the game icon no matter where it is located
on your desktop, even if it has moved since the time when you recorded the test.
Keys(“[Esc][Esc][Esc]�?, 0.0, 1.04, 1.07)
This is a recording of the three times I hit the Esc key to skip over the introductory
splash screens.
MouseClick(540, 396, INTEL, LEFT, 19.59)
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