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That was then, this is now
Figure out how to do it
Make it happen
Deal with it
We can't afford to…
Nothing else matters but…
Figure 1.3 Budget and headcount pressure caused by project scope increase.
It's likely that you will get more than one demand at a time, and from different people
to boot. Examine the schedule, budget, and headcount available to you. Achieve the
request by then scaling down what you would normally do so that it fits in your new
triangle. Do the things that will have the most impact on meeting the request to the
greatest extent possible. Then in the next release, take care of the stuff that didn't fit
this time around.
Chapter 2, “Being a Game Tester,�? introduces you to what's expected of you in your role as a tester,
and how to make an impact on the quality of the game.
Chapter 5, “The Game Production Cycle,�? describes how goals and expectations change as the
game progresses from being a concept to hitting the shelves, and how this affects the tester's job
along the way.
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