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Figure 1.1 Resources balanced with project scope.
Figure 1.2 Budget reduction causes pressure.
Another way to cause pressure within this triangle is to try to stuff more into it than
was originally planned for. This demand could be internally driven, such as adding
more levels or characters, or scrapping the old graphics engine for a new one to take
advantage of some newly announced hardware. Other unplanned changes might be
made to support more game platforms than originally planned or to keep up with
newly announced games in terms of number of levels, characters, online players sup-
ported, and so on. Figure 1.3 illustrates how increasing the scope of a project can put
pressure on the budget and headcount if they are not increased.
When there is pressure on the project, you can expect it to get passed on. Someone
demands something from you, and uses phrases like the following:
I/we need … immediately
I don't care…
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