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Start building the table with an empty table that has column headings for each of the
parameters. Decide how many tests you want and leave room for them in the table. A
Cleanroom combinatorial table “shell�? for the HALO Advanced Controls is shown in
Figure 12.8. It has room for six tests.
Figure 12.8 HALOAdvanced Controls Cleanroom combinatorial table shell.
Since there are five parameters, get five random numbers in the range of 1-100. These
will be used one at a time to determine the values for each parameter in the first test.
Construct the first test from the five numbers 30, 89, 77, 25, and 13.
Referring back to Figure 12.3, the Casual player is expected to set the Look Sensitivity
to “1�? 10% of the time, to “3�? 85% of the time, and to “10�? 5 percent of the time.
Assigning successive number ranges to each choice results in a mapping of 1-10 for
Look Sensitivity = 1, 11-95 for Look Sensitivity = 3, and 96-100 for Look Sensitivity
= 10. The first random number, 30, falls into the 11-95 range, so enter “3�? in the first
column of the test table.
Likewise, Figure 12.4 provides a range of 1-10 for Invert Thumbstick = Yes and
11-100 for Invert Thumbstick = No. The second random number is 89, which is within
the 11-100 range. Enter “NO�? in the Invert Thumbstick column for Test 1.
In Figure 12.5, the Controller Vibration usage ranges for the Casual player are 1-80
for Yes and 81-100 for No. The third random number is 77, so enter “YES�? in Test 1's
Controller Vibration column.
Figure 12.6 defines a 25% usage for Invert Flight Control = Yes and a 75% usage for No.
The fourth random number is 25, which is within the 1-25 range for the Yes setting.
Enter “YES�? in the Invert Flight Control column for Test 1.
Lastly, Figure 12.8 defines the Auto-Center Casual player usage as 30% for Yes and
70% for No. The last random number for this test is 13, placing it within the 1-30
range for the Yes setting. Complete the definition of Test 1 by putting “YES�? in the
Auto-Center column.
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