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Figure 12.4 Invert Thumbstick values with usage percentages.
Figure 12.5 Controller Vibration values with usage percentages.
Figure 12.6 Invert Flight Control values with usage percentages.
Figure 12.7 Auto-Center values with usage percentages.
Cleanroom Combinatorial Example
A Cleanroom combinatorial table can be constructed for any of the player usage pro-
files you define. For this example, you will create one such table for the “Casual�? player.
To decide which value to choose for each parameter, you need a random number
source. You could think of a number in your head, write a program to generate a list
of numbers, or roll electronic dice on your PDA. Microsoft Excel can generate random
numbers for you with the RAND( ) function or the RANDBETWEEN( ) function if you install
the Analysis ToolPak add-in. There is no wrong way as long as the number selection
is not biased toward any range of numbers.
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