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In this case, Bio-Rifle-specific details were put into some of the definitions in order to
give a precise description of what the tester should check.
GunEffects contains the following check, which references text color that varies by
weapon. It is blue for the Bio-Rifle but different for other weapons, such as red for the
Rocket Launcher and white for the Minigun.
Check that the game simultaneously displays “Bio-Rifle�? temporarily in blue
text above the “You got the Bio-Rifle�? message
Likewise, the HaveGunHaveAmmo state describes a specific color and shape for the Bio-Rifle
aiming reticle as well as an ammunition count. Both vary by weapon type.
Check that the Bio-Rifle aiming reticle appears as a small blue broken triangle
in the center of the screen
Check that the ammunition count in the right-hand corner of the screen is 40
This leaves you with the option to copy the Bio-Rifle data dictionary files into a sep-
arate directory for the new weapon. These files should then be edited to reflect the
details for the new weapon type you want to test. Use those files to construct your test
cases for the new weapon in the same you did for the Bio-Rifle.
Remember that using text in the data dictionary is not your only option. You can also
use screen shots or automated code. When executable code for each TFD element
along a test path is pasted together, you should end up with an executable test case.
Use the IN definition to provide introductory code elements such as including header
files, declaring data types, and providing main routine opening braces. Use the OUT
definition to perform cleanup actions such as freeing up memory, erasing temporary
files, and providing closing braces.
Storing data dictionary information in separate files is also not your only option. You
could keep them in a database and use a query to assemble the “records�? for each TFD
element into a report. The report could then be used for manual execution of the
game test.
TFD Templates
Appendix D provides eight TFD templates you can apply to various situations for a
wide variety of games. You can re-create the diagrams in your own favorite drawing
tool or use the files provided on the topic's CD-ROM in SmartDraw (.sdf) format. In
the drawing files, suggested baseline paths are indicated by blue flows.
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