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Star Chart (# of defects of each severity for each tester)
Testing Star (# of defects of each severity for each tester, point value of each
Best Tester (# of tests per tester, # of total tests, # of defects per tester, # of total
Testers or test leads can use these metrics to aid in planning, predicting, and performing
game testing activities. Then you will be testing by the numbers .
1. How does the data in Figure 9.3 explain what is happening on the graph in
Figure 9.2?
2. How many testers do you need to add to the project represented in Figures
9.1 and 9.2 in order to bring the test execution back on plan in the next 10
working days? The testers will begin work the very next day that is plotted
on the graph.
3. Tester C has the best TE as shown in Figure 9.7, but did not turn out to be
the “Best Tester.�? Explain how this happened.
4. You are tester X working on the project represented in Figure 9.7. If you
have run 130 tests, how many defects did you need to find in order to
become the “Best Tester?�?
5. Describe three positive and three negative aspects of measuring the partici-
pation and effectiveness of individual testers. Do not include any aspects
already discussed in this chapter.
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