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Testing Effectiveness
Measure your Test Effectiveness (TE) by adding up defects and dividing by the num-
ber of tests completed. This measurement not only tells you how “good�? the current
release is compared to previous ones, but it can also be used to predict how many
defects will be found by the remaining tests for that release. For example, with 30 tests
remaining and a TE of 0.06, testers should find approximately two more defects. This
may be a sign to developers to delay a new code release until the two expected defects
are identified, classified, and removed. An example table of TE measurements is
shown in Figure 9.5. Measure TE for each release as well as for the overall project.
Figure 9.6 shows a graphical view of this TE data.
Figure 9.5 Test Effectiveness measurements.
Figure 9.6 Test Effectiveness graph.
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