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Test Kickoffs
Kickoffs are known to have a positive impact on software development, leading to bet-
ter process definition, better problem solving, and cycle time reduction. On a team in
which testers have various levels of testing and game project experience, individual
needs are not likely to be addressed at the project kickoff. It benefits the team to have
kickoffs at the next lowest level: a test kickoff for each “test�? that is being created or exe-
cuted by individual testers. The test kickoff illustrates the principle that increasing an
organization's speed results from an iterative process of identifying obstacles, designing
a new process that eliminates them, and ensuring that the new way is implemented.
Test kickoff activities are broken into two parts: tester preparation and the kickoff
meeting, which is conducted according to the kickoff agenda. The tester's preparation
steps and the kickoff agenda are documented on a test kickoff checklist, as shown in
Figure 7.3.
Figure 7.3 Test kickoff checklist.
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