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From the test kickoff checklist, the tester prepares in the following ways:
1. Reads the requirements and/or documentation for the game feature being
2. Gathers equipment, files, and programs needed for the test
3. Reads through the tests
The tester should consult with a “test expert�? if there are any roadblocks or questions
regarding the completion of any preparation activities. The test expert can be the orig-
inal author of the test, a tester who already has much experience with the game fea-
ture, or the test lead. The expert should also be familiar with the recent defect history
of the game and feature(s) to be tested. Experienced testers should not be exempt
from this preparation process, and this process should be completed fully before con-
ducting the kickoff meeting.
Once the tester has completed the preparation activities, a kickoff meeting is held. The
test expert leads the kickoff meeting by doing the following:
1. Giving a feature overview
2. Addressing feature questions
3. Bringing up any special test instructions
4. Bringing up and soliciting any relevant test improvement suggestions
5. Addressing any test execution questions or issues
6. Recording important issues on the kickoff form and providing a copy to the
tester after the meeting is completed
Following the preparation steps listed on the checklist and participating in the inter-
active meeting per the kickoff agenda benefits testing in the following ways:
Prepares and equips the tester to run through the entire test without stopping
for equipment or questions
Familiarizes the tester with the expected behavior of the game or module
during testing to increase tester awareness of right from wrong
Resolves any test instruction conflicts prior to executing the test in order to
eliminate retesting because of test ambiguities or errors
Provides a forum for test improvement at the grassroots level, improving tester
involvement and ownership
Each test kickoff is an opportunity to improve test understanding, test quality, and test
execution. These opportunities would have been missed or identified much later in the
test phase if the kickoff process was not used. The net result is that the test kickoff acts
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