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Archeological Museum of Madrid, Alcalá de Henares
This museum exhibits archaeological pieces related to the region
of Madrid. The building dates from the 17 th Century. Originally a
Dominican convent, it was later turned into a courthouse and jail,
and then abandoned. When it was chosen to host the museum, it
underwent a complete restoration. Its permanent collection is a
really interesting trip through the history of Madrid, beginning in
prehistoric times.
Visitors can view fossils of the plants and animals that lived in the
region millions of years ago, as well as the utensils used by the its
first human inhabitants.
The Roman period is of special interest, since the museum is located in the main urban cen-
ter once called Complutum (in Latin), which today is called Alcalá de Henares . Among the
exhibited pieces from this era, there are interesting mosaics, a shield, gold coins and every-
day life utensils.
The middle and modern ages also have strong representation, since these were the eras when
Madrid became the capital of Spain and because Alcalá was one of Spain's most important
cities, with a famed university.
Image Credit: One of the museum's exhibitions. Image by Outisnn .
When It's Free
Every day, Tuesday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM and on Sundays and holidays from 11
AM to 3 PM. Closed Mondays.
Contact Information
Plaza de las Bernardas, s/n, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
918 79 66 66 ( English Translation )
Neighborhood : Alcalá de Henares.
Public Transportation: Alcalá de Henares train station.
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