Introduction (VOIP)

VolP (pronounced voyp) is the name of a new communications technology lr that changes the meaning of the phrase telephone call. VoIP stands for
voice over Internet protocol, and it means “voice transmitted over a computer
Internet protocol (IP) networking is supported by all sorts of networks: corporate, private, public, cable, and even wireless networks. Don’t be fooled by the “Internet” part of the acronym. VoIP runs over any type of network. Currently, in the corporate sector, the private dedicated network option is the preferred type. For the telecommuter or home user, the hands-down favorite is broadband.
You may be wondering what all this means in terms of your actual telephone. This is the really cool part: You can access your account on the VoIP network by a desktop telephone, a wireless IP phone (similar to a cell phone), or the soft screen dialpad of your laptop or desktop computer.
With VoIP, you can literally pick up your things and move to another location, within your office building or around the world, without having to forward your calls to a new telephone. VoIP’s entirely portable!
What’s more, you can access the Web from your IP phone, enabling you to get important (or not so important) announcements and e-mail on the go. It’s like having a pocket PC and a cell phone rolled into one, specifically designed for your network.
As you can imagine, VoIP is a win-win for everyone. The added flexibility and quicker response times translate into greater customer satisfaction and increased productivity throughout your organization.

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