Programs which draw the fitted curves and extract parameters from the fits (Zodiacal Dust Cloud)

POLYPT accepts the output cards from LSQFIT as input, for any order polynomial, plots the experimental points (xi, yi) and draws the curve of the polynomial, by calculating its value at 1/20th angstrom intervals from the coefficients.

FLEXPT accepts the output cards of LSQFIT, for 4th order only, and calculates the mid-point of the line joining the inflexion points of the curve, giving an estimate of the mean wavelength shift.

MINIPT and MINIPS accept cards from LSQFIT 4th and 6th order polynomial respectively. They find the minimum point of the curve by successive approximation, giving a different estimate of the wavelength shift.

GAUSPT accepts the output of GAUSSN and draws the fitted Gaussian shape. All exit on a blank card.










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