Vegetables Are Delicious (Prediabetes)

From artichokes to zucchini, vegetables are nutritious, delicious foods. Children need to know that, and you need to teach them because TV shows and commercials certainly don’t. The best thing you can do is eat vegetables every day yourself, and make a point to show your child how much you enjoy them.
The way vegetables are prepared often determines if a child will eat them. I’m not saying that you should bread and deep-fry every vegetable so it resembles a fast-food product! Consider these possibilities:
Kids often enjoy vegetables that are stir-fried with a little peanut oil or another oil.
Vegetables can be pureed into great-tasting soups.
Pureed vegetables can also be added to pasta sauce.
Most children will happily drink vegetable juice.
If my granddaughter is any indication, acorn squash can become a kid favorite. (She especially loves it with peas.)
Potatoes are one vegetable that I recommend avoiding because they have a very high glycemic index (see topic 16). They are absorbed rapidly and raise your blood glucose rapidly. Also, they are often served fried or with butter and sour cream. So don’t push the potatoes.

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