Now Is the Time to Act (Prediabetes)

Your child should understand that the earlier prediabetes is dealt with, the more easily it can be reversed. Here are a few reasons for acting now:
After bad habits about food, exercise, and rest are ingrained, those habits are very tough to break.
Good exercise habits are developed much more easily at a young age. Exercise is fun, and children love to have fun.
It’s a lot easier to lose the small amount of excess weight that a small child carries than the much larger amount of excess weight a preteen or teenager may carry. In fact, some small children outgrow the weight and don’t have a problem after they get taller.
‘ Children generally want to fit in, and overweight kids have a tougher time doing so. When it comes to sports, social events, and even friendships, weight matters. Even as a young adult, excess weight can play a role in whether you get into the college of your choice or land the job you really want.
By acting early to overcome prediabetes, your child has plenty of time to gain self-confidence. He develops a positive attitude that spills over into many areas of his life.
Don’t waste another minute! Get started immediately!

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