Acronyms in networking starting with 'D'

D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
DA Destination Address
DAC Data Acquisition and Control
DACS Digital Access and Cross-connect System (AT&T)
DAC Digital to Analog Converter
DAP Demand Access Protocol
DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAS Dual Attached Station
DASD Direct Access Storage Device (IBM Corp.)
DAT Digital Audio Tape
dB decibel
DBA Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite
DBU Dial Backup Unit
DCCH Digital Control Channel

DCE Data Communications Equipment
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCF Data Communication Function
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (Microsoft Corp.)
DCS Digital Cross-connect System
DDS Digital Data Services
DDS/SC Digital Data Service with Secondary Channel
D/E Debt/Equity (ratio)
DECT Digital Enhanced (formerly,European) Cordless Telecommunication
DES Data Encryption Standard
DFB Distributed Feedback
DFSMS Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (IBM Corp.)
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DID Direct Inward Dialing
DIF Digital Interface Frame
Diff-Serv Differentiated Services
DDL Data Link Layer
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLCS Digital Loop Carrier System
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DLSw Data Link Switching (IBM Corp.)
DLU Digital Line Unit
DM Distributed Management
DME Distributed Management Environment
DMI Desktop Management Interface
DMT Discrete Multi Tone
DMTF Desktop Management Task Force
DNS Domain Name Service
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DoD Department of Defense
DOD Direct Outward Dialing
DOM Document Object Model
DOS Disk Operating System
DOV Data Over Voice
DPL Digital Power Line
DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus
DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
DSO Digital Signal-Level 0 (64 Kbps)
DS1 Digital Signal-Level 1 (1.544 Mbps)
DS1C Digital Signal-Level 1C (3.152 Mbps)
DS2 Digital Signal-Level 2 (6.312 Mbps)
DS3 Digital Signal-Level 3 (44.736 Mbps)
DS4 Digital Signal-Level 4 (274.176 Mbps)

DSA Directory System Agent
DSI Digital Speech Interpolation
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSP Directory System Protocol
DSS Decision Support System
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSU Data Service Unit
DSX1 Digital Systems Cross-connect 1
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency
DTR Dedicated Token Ring
DTU Data Transfer Unit
DTV Digital Television
DUA Directory User Agent
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
DWMT Discrete Wavelet Multi Tone
DXI Data Exchange Interface

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