Help Is at Your Fingertips (MacBook)

If you want to explore AppleScript further, you have many resources on hand. Sometimes the easiest way to use AppleScript is to copy existing scripts and modify them as necessary; other times, it’s a good idea to read the documentation included in Apple’s Help system. Whichever approach you use, with a little practice and guidance, you’ll soon be doing stupendous tasks with your MacBook.

Built-in AppleScript Help

The most readily available AppleScript reference is built into Mac OS X. From within Automator, choose HelpOAutomator Help to launch the Automator Help Guide, or choose HelpOAppleScript Help from the AppleScript Editor. The latter is a great place to begin your AppleScript exploration. It includes detailed documentation about the AppleScript language and loads of demonstration scripts for you to try (or alter) yourself.

AppleScript on the Web

In addition to the built-in AppleScript help in the Finder, the Internet has much to offer in the way of AppleScript training and examples. As are so many other excellent Web resources, AppleScripts are free!
Not all AppleScripts are created equal: When downloading scripts from the Internet, make sure that they’re compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v. 10.6).

Apple Computer

The first place on the Web that you should visit for AppleScript help is the Source of All That Is Good, also called the Mother Ship: Apple Computer. Although the built-in OS X help offers a lot, the Apple Web site offers even more scripts, tutorials, and general AppleScript goodness. You can even find a list of all known scriptable applications, which can save you from searching for them with Script Editor. Furthermore, the site maintains an extensive list of links to other useful AppleScript sites.

Automator World

Automator World devotes its site to all Macintosh scripting. Because AppleScript is such a huge part of scripting the Mac OS, you can be certain that there’s something here for you. Besides offering up-to-date news on Automator scripting for the Mac OS, Automator World also gives you access to many scripts, information about scripting topics, and details on AppleScripts with interfaces. The sheer volume of information at this site makes it one you shouldn’t skip.

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