Congratulations on Your New iPhone 4!

You hold in your hands perhaps the most powerful and elegant smartphone available, a phone that is also a media player, e-book reader, gaming machine, life organizer, and just about everything else available today: the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 can do more than just about any other smartphone on the market. In a beautiful and elegantly designed package, the iPhone 4 will have you surfing the web, checking email, and organizing your busy life in no time.

NOTE: Take a look at topic 12, where we show you how to use the Skype iPhone app and the new FaceTime video chat feature on your iPhone 4!

With your iPhone 4, you can view your photos and interact with them using intuitive touch-screen gestures. You can pinch, zoom, rotate, and email your photos—all by using simple gestures.

Interact with your content like never before. News sites and web sites look and read like never before due to the incredibly clear and crisp retina display. Flip through stories, videos, and pictures, and interact with your news.

For the first time, really feel as though you are reading a topic when you read on an electronic device. Pages turn slowly or quickly (you can even see the words on the back of the pages when you turn them).

Manage your media library like never before. The iTunes app features a beautiful interface, letting you choose music, watch videos, organize playlists, and more—all in an effortless and fun way on the iPhone 4′s high definition-quality screen.

Do you have a Netflix account? You will soon be able to manage your content, organize your queue, and stream high-quality movies and TV shows right on your iPhone 4.

Hulu + is available now, and it allows you to watch complete seasons of your favorite TV shows right on your iPhone (see topic 16 for more information).

NOTE: The Netflix app was not out at the time of writing of this topic, but we were assured it will be out by the end of summer, 2010.

Update your Facebook status and receive push alerts—all on your iPhone 4.

Stay connected to the web and your email with the built-in Wi-Fi connection or the 3G connection of the iPhone 4. All the latest high-speed protocols are supported, so you can always be in touch and get the latest content. The iPhone 4 also includes a "horizontal" keyboard to type out emails and notes when you use the device in Landscape mode.

Getting the Most out of iPhone 4 Made Simple

Read this topic cover-to-cover if you choose, but you can also peruse it in a modular fashion, by topic or topic. Maybe you just want to check out the App Store app, try iBooks, set up with your email or contacts, or just load up your phone with music.

You will soon realize that your iPhone 4 is a very powerful device. There are, however, many secrets "locked" inside, which we help you "unlock" throughout this topic.

Take your time—this topic can help you understand how to best use, work, and have fun with your new iPhone 4. Think back to when you tried to use your first Windows or Mac computer. It took a little while to get familiar with how to do things. It’s the same with the iPhone 4. Use this topic to help you get up to speed and learn all the best tips and tricks more quickly.

Also remember that devices this powerful are not always easy to grasp—at first.

You will get the most out of your iPhone 4 if you can read a section and then try out what you read. We all know that reading and then doing an activity gives us a much higher retention rate than simply reading alone.

So, in order to learn and remember what you learn, we recommend the following: Read a little, try a little on your iPhone 4, and repeat!

Quickly Locating Tips, Cautions, and Notes

If you flip through this topic, you can instantly see specially formatted TIPS, CAUTIONS, and NOTES that highlight important facts about using the iPhone 4. For example, if you want to find all the special tips relevant to using the iPhone’s Calendar, you can flip to the Calendar topic and search for these highlighted nuggets of information.

TIP: TIPS, CAUTIONS, and NOTES are all formatted like this, with a gray background, to help you see them more quickly.

Free iPhone 4 Email Tips

Finally, check out the author’s web site at for a series of very useful "bite-sized" chunks of iPhone 4 tips and tricks. We have taken a selection of the great tips out of this topic and even added a few new ones. Click the "Free Tips" link and register for your tips in order to receive a tip right in your iPhone 4 inbox about once a week. Learning in small chunks is a great way to master your iPhone 4!

You and Your iPhone 4 . . .

This is the heart of iPhone 4 Made Simple. In this section, you’ll find clearly labeled topics—each explaining the key features of your iPhone 4. You’ll see that most topics focus on an individual app or a specific type of application. Many of the topics discuss applications that come with your iPhone 4, but we also include some fun and useful apps you can download from the App Store. Sure, the iPhone 4 is for fun, but it’s for a whole lot more, too. We finish with some handy troubleshooting tips that can help if your iPhone 4 isn’t working quite right.

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