Countries of the World Part 9

Uruguay Official name: Republica Oriental del Uruguay (Oriental Republic of Uruguay). Form of government: republic with two legislative houses (Senate [31]; Chamber of Representatives [99]). Head of state and government: President Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas (from 2005). Capital: Montevideo. Official language: Spanish. Official religion: none. Monetary unit: 1 peso uruguayo (UYU) = 100 centesimos; valuation […]

Rulers and Regimes (world)

Roman Emperors Overlapping reigns denote corulers. Diocletian (284-305) laid the foundation for the Byzantine Empire in the East when he appointed Maximian (286-305) to rule over the Western portion of the empire. Rome thus remained a unified state but was divided administratively. Theodosius I (379-395) was the last emperor to rule over a unified Roman […]

Scholarship (world)

National Libraries of the World The national libraries listed below are generally open to the public. National libraries are usually the primary repository for a nation’s printed works.     YEAR SPECIAL COLLECTIONS, LIBRARY LOCATION FOUNDED1 ARCHIVES, PAPERS Biblioteca Nacional de Espana Madrid, Spain 1836 manuscripts, Miguel de Cervantes Biblioteca Nacional de la Buenos Aires […]

Languages of the World

Most Widely Spoken Languages Listing the languages spoken by more than 1% of humankind, this table enumerates speakers of each tongue as a primary or secondary language. Figures based on data from Linguasphere 2000. For more information visit <>.   NUMBER OF % OF WORLD     SPEAKERS POPULATION   LANGUAGE (MILLIONS) (APPROXIMATE) LANGUAGE FAMILY […]

Populations (world)

Largest Urban Agglomerations Agglomerations include a central city and associated neighboring communities.       POPULATION RANK AGGLOMERATION COUNTRY (2007) 1 Tokyo Japan 35,676,000 2 New York City- US 19,040,000   Newark     3 Mexico City Mexico 19,028,000 4 Mumbai (Bombay) India 18,978,000 5 Sao Paulo Brazil 18,845,000 6 Delhi India 15,926,000 7 Shanghai […]

Religion (World)

World Religions At the beginning of the 21st century, one-third of the world’s population is Christian, another one-fifth is Muslim, about one-eighth is Hindu, and one-eighth is nonreligious. Most people living in Europe and the Americas are Christian, while the vast majority of Muslims and Hindus are found in Asia. The plurality of Christians are […]

The 2008 Annual Megacensus of Religions (world)

Worldwide Adherents of All Religions, mid-2008         LATIN   AFRICA ASIA EUROPE AMERICA Christians 465,880,000 364,106,000 583,802,000 536,162,000 Affiliated 439,561,000 359,186,000 559,099,000 530,146,000 Roman Catholics 159,776,000 128,901,000 275,209,000 474,595,000 Independents 92,928,000 179,166,000 21,104,000 42,381,000 Protestants 130,376,000 61,598,000 67,829,000 56,214,000 Orthodox 42,220,000 13,951,000 190,031,000 895,000 Anglicans 47,655,000 838,000 26,241,000 875,000 Marginal Christians 3,377,000 […]

Law & Crime (world)

International Terrorist Organizations “Terrorism” is a subjective term. The list of organizations included here is that of the US Department of State, issued on 8 Apr 2008. The list is updated periodically. Translations and acronyms of organizations’ names are given in bold parenthetically; names and acronyms by which organizations are also known follow and are […]

Military Affairs (world)

  UNMEE United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea—since July 2000 (328) UNMIK United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo—since June 1999 (391) UNMIL United Nations Mission in Liberia— since September 2003 (13,934) UNMIS United Nations Mission in the Sudan— since March 2005 (9,924) UNMIT United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste—since August 2006 (1,5502) UNMOGIP […]