Windows XP

Part IX (Windows XP)

Checking Your Security Perimeter in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Running automated checks to see if your firewall is working Finding and plugging holes (before someone else plugs them for you) Using common sense to increase your network security I just got a call from an old friend who seems to frequently bump into very interesting security problems. My friend was […]

Canning Adware and Obnoxious Cookies in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Understanding what cookies can and can’t do Using Ad-Aware to knock out scumware Setting up Internet Explorer to deal with cookies on your terms Everybody’s worried about cookies, of course, but few understand how they work and why they even exist. I find that people have lots of misconceptions about cookies. […]

Zapping Scumware – spyware, adware,hijackers, and other lowlifes in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Recognizing scumware — spyware, adware, hijackers, and other lowlifes Installing Spybot-S&D Getting the scum out You have to fee, sorry for the folks at Microsoft who deal with the scum. The programmers who wrote the installer for Windows XP Service Pack 2 were livid when they discovered that their final release […]

Building a Better Firewall for Windows xp

Technique Save Time By Understanding Windows Firewall’s shortcomings Knowing if you need a better firewall Installing and using Zone Alarm, if you need it You probably know that a firewall watches incoming Internet traffic and makes sure that the bad guys stay out. Windows Firewall, which ships with Windows XP Service Pack 2, does a […]

Plugging and Unplugging Windows xp Firewall

Technique Save Time By Setting up Windows Firewall for your particular needs Poking holes in the Firewall Making fast Firewall changes one-click easy So you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, and Windows Firewall is driving you nuts. Good. That’s what it’s supposed to do. I hate to admit it, but if Windows Firewall doesn’t […]

Protecting Your Windows XP PC from Viruses While You Sleep

Technique Save Time By Knowing when you’re probably infected (and when you aren’t) Protecting your system quickly and thoroughly Not contributing to the problem You can lose a lot of time — not to mention a lot of sleep — over viruses. Some of the worries are justified. Many are not. I’ve been working with […]

Part VIII (Windows XP)

Sharing Drives and Folders in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Using Simple File Sharing effectively Choosing the right level of protection for your drives and folders Solving common sharing problems quickly Most people set up a small office or home network to share an Internet connection, a few files or folders, and a printer or some other piece(s) of hardware. Although […]

Adding and Configuring a New User in Windows XP

Technique Save Time By Setting up new users on your computer quickly and correctly Choosing security settings that are right for you Understanding the crucial difference between accounts Avoiding the bogus information you see in print about the Guest account If you’re connected to a Big Corporate Network (BCN), skip this technique entirely. The network […]