Biology-Genetics and DNA (Science)

"If we examine the accomplishments of man in his most advanced endeavors, in theory and in practice, we find that the cell has done all this long before him, with greater resourcefulness and much greater efficiency."-Albert Claude (1898-1983) Have you ever looked at two siblings and known right off that they were related? Their body […]

Biology-Medicine and Health (Science)

"Public health is purchasable. Within a few natural and important limitations any community can determine its own health."-Hermann M. Biggs (1859-1923) The science of medicine has changed substantially in the past several centuries. The discovery of microorganisms as the cause of infection was one of the greatest advances. Knowing how diseases are caused and spread […]

Geology—The Ground Below (Science)

"Scientists still do not appear to understand sufficiently that all earth sciences must contribute evidence toward unveiling the state of our planet in earlier times, and that the truth of the matter can only be reached by combing all this evidence. … It is only by combing the information furnished by all the earth sciences […]

Meteorology and Hydrology-Wind and Water (Science)

"What is clear is that the atmosphere is a continuous mass resting on the earth and the sea, and that these two react upon each other. Any disturbance which appears at any one point must make itself felt at very considerable distances from that point. We shall often have to seek for the cause of […]

Ecology and Environmental Science

"We have come to look at our planet as a resource for our species, which is funny when you think that the planet has been around for about five billion years, and Homo sapiens for perhaps one hundred thousand. We have acquired an arrogance about ourselves that I find frightening. We have come to feel […]

Astronomy (Science)

"We should do astronomy because it is beautiful and because it is fun. We should do it because people want to know. We want to know our place in the universe and how things happen." Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. People have observed the heavens for as long as people have existed. Many […]

Cosmology (Science)

"Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a […]

Science and Technology

"There does not exist a category of science to which one can give the name applied science. There are sciences and the application of sciences, bound together as the fruit of the tree which bears it." -Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) Today, we generally think of technology in terms of the growth of machines during the Industrial […]

The Electronic World (Science)

"It would appear that we have reached the limits of what it is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in five years." -John von Neumann (1903-1957) Electronics is the study of the flow of electrons. Beginning with the telegraph, people […]

Medical Technology-Looking Inside the Body (Science)

"We must not forget that when radium was discovered no one knew that it would prove useful in hospitals." -Marie Curie (1867-1934) Historically, the inner workings of the human body have been a mystery. Organs and tissues work together, hidden beneath layers of skin and muscle. Doctors today, however, can see and hear beneath the […]