Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence

Discrete Circular Mapping for Computation of Zernike Moments (Image Analysis)

Abstract Zernike moments are found to have potentials in pattern recognition, image analysis, image processing and in computer vision, apart from its traditional field of optics. Their invariance and orthogonality are attractive in many applications. However, the study of its computational structure can lead to some efficient and fast algorithms. In this paper, we have […]

Unsupervised Image Segmentation with Adaptive Archive-Based Evolutionary Multiobjective Clustering (Image Analysis)

Abstract The aim of this paper is to propose and apply state-of-the-art multiobjective scatter search for solving image segmentation problem. The algorithm incorporates the concepts of Pareto dominance, external archiving, diversification and intensification of solutions. The multi-objective optimization method is Archive-based Hybrid Scatter Search (AbYSS) for image segmentation. It utilized fuzzy clustering method with optimization […]

Modified Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network with Semi-supervision for Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images (Image Analysis)

Abstract Problem of change detection of remotely sensed images using insufficient labeled patterns is the main topic of present work. Here, semi-supervised learning is integrated with an unsupervised context-sensitive change detection technique based on modified self-organizing feature map (MSOFM) network. In this method, training of the MSOFM is performed iteratively using unlabeled patterns along with […]

Image Retargeting through Constrained Growth of Important Rectangular Partitions

Abstract The challenge of displaying an image in a much smaller target area is to maintain recognizability of its contents. A novel rectangular partitioning based retargeting scheme is proposed in this paper to address this issue. Constrained growth of rectangular partitions containing important objects is major characteristic of this scheme. Subjective evaluation by a group […]

SATCLUS: An Effective Clustering Technique for Remotely Sensed Images (Image Analysis)

Abstract This paper presents a grid density based clustering technique (SATCLUS) to identify clusters present in a multi spectral satellite image. Experimental results are reported to establish that SATCLUS can identify clusters of any shape in any satellite data effectively and dynamically. Introduction A multi-spectral satellite image is a remotely sensed image of the earth’s […]

Blur Estimation for Barcode Recognition in Out-of-Focus Images (Image Analysis)

Abstract Recently, with the popularity of hand-held devices with camera, many applications requiring barcode identification in images have appeared. There are several problems with these applications because of the limitation of camera capability. Among them, heavily blur problems are the most significant and popular. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to estimate blur […]

Entropy-Based Automatic Segmentation of Bones in Digital X-ray Images (Image Analysis)

Abstract Bone image segmentation is an integral component of orthopedic X-ray image analysis that aims at extracting the bone structure from the muscles and tissues. Automatic segmentation of the bone part in a digital X-ray image is a challenging problem because of its low contrast with the surrounding flesh, which itself needs to be discriminated […]

Principle and Method of Image Recognition under Diffusive Distortions of Image (Image Analysis)

Abstract The results of investigation and development of software and hardware tools for processing images of ring objects under diffusive dissipation are presented. The proposed algorithm was demonstrated to be efficient in endoscopy for measuring the sizes of biological objects. A principal scheme of a hardware system for the implementation of the new method is […]

Regression Models for Texture Image Analysis

Abstract The article describes universal model for creating algorithms for calculating textural image features. The proposed models are used for images that are realizations of Markov Random Field. Experimental classification results are shown for different images sets. Keywords: Textutre Image Analysis, Textutre Image Recognition, Regression models, Markov Random Fields. Introduction Many natural micro and macro […]

Shape Descriptor Based on the Volume of Transformed Image Boundary (Image Analysis)

Abstract In this paper, we derive new shape descriptors based on a directional characterization. The main idea is to study the behavior of the shape neighborhood under family of transformations. We obtain a description invariant with respect to rotation, reflection, translation and scaling. We consider family of volume-preserving transformations. Our descriptor is based on the […]