By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Getting to know orchids Deciding whether orchids are right for you Knowing what to do for your orchids each month of the year You’re about to enter the wonderful world of orchids. You’re in store for an exciting adventure! This is the largest plant family on our planet […]

Choosing the Right Orchid for You

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Finding orchids for sale Deciding which orchid to buy Picking out a healthy orchid Caring for your new arrival One of the main reasons some people fail with orchids is that they simply choose the wrong ones. Considering that there are thousands of different kinds of orchids, it’s […]

Having the Right Tools on Hand (Orchids)

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Knowing which tools you need Taking your toolkit to the next level Every hobby has its tools. And just as you need the right saws and sanders if you’re building a cabinet, you need the right tools for growing orchids. The amount of tools you need will depend […]

How I Love Thy Orchid: Enjoying the Orchid’s Beauty

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Caring for your orchids in their new home Staking your orchids when they bloom Showing off your orchids in your home Making beautiful orchid flower arrangements Getting the most mileage out of your orchid flowers The main purpose for growing orchids is to enjoy their unmatched beauty in […]

Providing the Right Growing Environment (Orchids)

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Knowing how much light your orchid needs Providing enough humidity Giving your orchids a breath of fresh air Getting the temperature right Orchids are not difficult to grow. But, like all plants, they have certain needs that have to be met so they can perform their best. In […]

Watering and Fertilizing Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Mastering the art of watering Knowing when and how to water Recognizing symptoms of over- and underwatering Selecting and using orchid fertilizers Probably more orchids are killed by improper watering, usually V by overwatering, than by any other cultural practice. Discovering how to properly water orchids is one […]

The ABCs of Potting Materials, Containers, and Repotting (Orchids)

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Selecting the right potting materials Choosing the best container Planting an orchid in a wooden basket Repotting orchids Mounting an orchid on a slab If you’re just starting out with orchids, the process of choosing containers and potting materials and then repotting orchids can be daunting. Orchids do […]

Two, Four, Six, Eight, Let Your Orchids Propagate: Multiplying Your Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Making more orchids by dividing them Separating babies from their parents Making more orchids from cuttings Producing plants from back bulbs Because orchids are slower growing than most other plants, the process of multiplying them takes more time. To rear an orchid from seed to bloom can take […]

Keeping Your Orchids Pest- and Disease-Free

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Running a clean operation Beating bugs safely and effectively Diagnosing and curing diseases Controlling other unwanted critters Although orchids are relatively pest-free plants, if you have them long enough, you’ll eventually have to deal with an invasion of some bug or disease. Fortunately, there aren’t many pests to […]

Moth Orchids and Their Relatives: The Best Choice for Beginners

By Steven A. Frowine In This Topic Finding perfect starter orchids Knowing the various types of moth orchids Looking at Africa’s gift to orchid lovers — the angraecoids Considering vandas and some other moth-orchid cousins This type of orchid is the most popular grown today. In fact, according to the American Orchid Society, moth orchids […]