iPhone 4

Maintaining Your iPhone

Now that you have set up your iPhone with iTunes, you will want to know how to safely clean the screen and then keep it protected with various cases. Cleaning Your iPhone Screen After using your iPhone a little while, you will see that your fingers (or other fingers besides yours) have left smudges and […]

iPhone Basics

Now that you have your iPhone charged, with a clean screen, registered, and decked out with a new protective case, let’s take a look at some of the basics to help you get around with the software. Powering On/Off and Sleep/Wake To power on your iPhone, press and hold the Power/Sleep button on the top […]

Typing on Your iPhone

You will quickly find two on-screen keyboards on your iPhone: the smaller one visible when you hold your iPhone in a vertical orientation, and the larger landscape keyboard when you hold the iPhone in a horizontal orientation. The nice thing is that you can choose whichever keyboard works best for you. Typing on the Screen […]

Spell Checker (iPhone 4)

Working together with the Auto-Correction feature is your built-in iPhone Spell Checker. Most of the time, your misspelled words will be caught and corrected automatically by Auto-Correction. Sometimes, a word will not be corrected, but still is misspelled. You will see any words that the iPhone thinks are misspelled underlined with a red dotted line […]

Accessibility Options (iPhone 4)

There are a number of useful features on the iPhone to help with accessibility. The VoiceOver option will read to you from the screen. It will tell you what you tap on, what buttons are selected, and all the options. It will read entire screens of text as well. If you like to see things […]

Magnifying Glass for Editing Text/Placing the Cursor (iPhone 4)

How many times have you been typing something and wanted to move the cursor precisely between two words, or between two letters? This can be hard to do until you figure out the Magnifying Glass trick. What you do is this: Touch and hold your finger on the place where you want the cursor (see […]

Typing Numbers and Symbols (iPhone 4)

How do you type a number or a symbol using the on-screen keyboard on the iPhone? When you are typing, tap the 123 key in the lower left corner to see numbers and common symbols such as $ ! ~ & = # . _ – +. If you need more symbols, from the number […]

Caps Lock (iPhone 4)

You double-press the Shift key to get turn on Caps Lock. You know it’s turned on when the key turns blue. To turn off Caps Lock, simply press the Shift key again.

Quickly Selecting and Deleting or Changing Text (iPhone 4)

If you need to quickly change or delete some text you are typing, the quickest way is to first select it. 1. Begin selecting the text by double-tapping it. 2. Adjust the selection by dragging the blue handles. 3. To erase the selected text, press the Backspace key. 4. To replace the text, simply start […]

Keyboard Options & Settings (iPhone 4)

There are a few keyboard options to make typing on your iPhone easier. The keyboard options are located in the General tab of your Settings. 1. Tap the Settings icon. 2. Tap General. 3. Swipe up, then tap Keyboard near the bottom of the page. Auto-Correction ON/OFF Using the built-in dictionary, Auto-Correction will automatically make […]