Excel VBA

In this part We cover the basics with a quick study in workbooks, worksheets, formulas, and functions. Everything you need to get going! If you are a beginner or need to brush up on Excel, Chapter 1 is the place to start. But that’s not all, folks. Chapter 2 tells you about a key dialog […]

Introduction To Excel formulas and functions

Spreadsheets are such a mainstay in today’s world that the term spreadsheet is just about a household word. Certainly in our homes it is. And we don’t just mean because we write topics on Excel. Spouses use Excel to track household expenditures and insurance claims. A neighbor analyzes his eBay transactions in Excel. The local […]

Ten VBA Tips and Tricks

In This Chapter Using helpful habits Making your work more efficient This chapter contains a list of ten clever tricks I’ve developed (or acquired from other users) over the years. Getting VBA Help, Fast When working in a VBA module, you can get instant help regarding a VBA object, property, or method. Just move the […]

Creating Excel Applications for Others

In This Chapter Developing spreadsheets for yourself and for other people Knowing what makes a good spreadsheet application Using guidelines for developing applications for others Excel programmers develop two basic types of spreadsheets: spreadsheets that only they use and spreadsheets that other people use. This distinction often determines how much effort you need to put […]

(Almost) Ten Excel Resources

This topic is only an introduction to Excel VBA programming. If you hunger for more information, you can feed on the list of additional resources I’ve compiled here. You can discover new techniques, communicate with other Excel users, download useful files, ask questions, access the extensive Microsoft Knowledge Base, and lots more. Several of these […]

Ten VBA Questions (And Answers)

In This Chapter Storing worksheet function procedures Limitation of the macro recorder Speeding up your VBA code Declaring variables explicitly Using the VBA line continuation character In this chapter, I answer the questions most frequently asked about VBA. The Top Ten Questions about VBA I created a custom VBA function. When I try to use […]

The Last Part (Excel VBA)

In this part For reasons that are historical — as well as useful — all the topics in the For  series have chapters with lists in them. The next two chapters contain my own “ten” lists, which deal with frequently asked questions and other Excel resources.

Interacting with Other Office Applications via Excel VBA

In This Chapter ► Starting or activating another application from Excel ► Controlling Word from Excel and vice versa Sending personalized e-mail from Excel If you use Excel, you likely use other applications that comprise Microsoft <C Office. Just about everyone uses Word, and you’re probably familiar with PowerPoint or Access. In this chapter I […]

Creating Excel Add-Ins

In This Chapter Using add-ins: What a concept! Knowing why you might want to create your own add-ins Creating custom add-ins One of the slickest features of Excel — at least in my mind — is the capability to create add-ins. In this chapter, I explain why this feature is so slick and show you […]

Creating Worksheet Functions — in Excel VBA

In This Chapter ► Knowing why custom worksheet functions are so useful ► Exploring functions that use various types of arguments ► Understanding the Paste Function dialog box For many people, VBA’s main attraction is the capability to create custom worksheet functions — functions that look, work, and feel just like those that Microsoft built […]