Earth Scientists

  (1928- ) AmericanGeochemist, Metamorphic Petrologist When Earth scientists write and publish a research paper, they hope it is successful. The definition of success varies by the individual, but if at least 200 people read the paper and 50 or more cite it in other research papers, then most would consider the paper to be […]

Alvarez, Walter (earth scientist)

  (1940- ) American Stratigrapher, Tectonics Walter Alvarez has been the leader of one of the greatest revolutions in geology, extraterrestrial impacts. He decided to address one of the big questions in geology: what caused the great extinction of the dinosaurs? He chose the most complete section of rock that includes the extinction event, which […]

Alley, Richard B. (earth scientist)

  (1957- ) American Glaciologist, Climate Modeler (Climate Change) Because the polar ice caps are located in an area where temperatures are constantly below freezing, all precipitation that occurs on them must be frozen. Therefore, it is preserved for as long as the ice sheets remain. Because there is precipitation every year, and the precipitation […]

Allegre, Claude (earth scientist)

  (1937- ) FrenchGeochemist After establishing an outstanding career in the Earth sciences, Claude Allegre became one of the few scientists to participate successfully in governmental policy. Claude Allegre is the architect of the subdiscipline of isotope geodynamics. This area involves the study of the coupled evolution of the mantle and continental crust of Earth […]

Ashley, Gail Mowry (earth scientist)

  (1941- ) American Sedimentologist Geology is an interdisciplinary science that can be closely engaged in research with other scientific fields like biology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, and oceanography. Gail Ashley has not only collaborated on projects in these fields but also in archaeology and paleoanthropology. Her specialty is modern depositional systems, which impact and interact […]

Anderson, Don L. (earth scientist)

  (1933- ) American Geophysicist The structure of the deeper parts of the Earth cannot be viewed from the surface and therefore must be imaged using geophysical techniques. The best probes of this region are seismic waves. The seismic waves are generated at the earthquake foci, pass through the Earth, and return to the surface […]

Bally, Albert W. (earth scientist)

  (1925- ) Dutch Petroleum Geologist, Structural Geologist Albert Bally has had great success both in the petroleum industry and in translating those successes into scholarly works in academia. Although there are many other geologists who have made similar industry-academic connections, none have been as effective as Bally. Perhaps the best example of this duality […]

Atwater, Tanya (earth scientist)

  (1942- ) AmericanTectonics, Marine Geophysicist After the initial documentation of seafloor spreading by some of the giants of geology, there were still many details about the ocean floor to unravel. One of the main researchers in the second wave of plate tectonics is Tanya Atwater. Incredibly, of her first five professional articles, three were […]

Berry, William B. N. (earth scientist)

  (1931- ) AmericanInvertebrate Paleontologist Just as John McPhee described in his popular books on geology, there is a sharp contrast between East Coast geology and West Coast geology. Many of the notable Earth scientists of the East Coast are “grand old geologists of the Appalachians.” Even though they are basically doing the same sort […]

Berner, Robert (earth scientist)

  (1935- ) AmericanGeochemist, Sedimentologist Robert Berner has an interesting approach to scientific research. His work is a prime example of how small-scale, curiosity-driven science can produce big-scale scientific results. He works with modest funding, relatively simple equipment, and small groups of highly motivated scientists. Collaboration with biologist Alfred Redfield in his early career began […]