Listening to music,Recording your voice & Controlling your media files on your BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Listening to music Selecting a ring tone Recording your voice Controlling your media files If one word describes today’s phone market trends, it’s convergence. Your BlackBerry Curve is among the participants in this convergence race. In addition to sending and receiving e-mail and being a phone, a camera, and a PDA, the […]

Taking Great Pictures and Capturing Videos from your BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Getting ready to say “cheese” Saving and organizing your pictures Sharing your photos with other people Getting ready to say “action” Configuring your video camera Oh, shoot, you forgot your camera. Don’t worry! Your BlackBerry is there when you need to capture the unbelievable: Grandma doing a handstand, Grandpa doing a cartwheel, […]

Using Your BlackBerry Curve GPS

In This Chapter Using GPS safely Preparing to use GPS on your BlackBerry Choosing a GPS application A few years back, when some of the North American network carriers introduced GPS on their versions of the BlackBerry, we were quite impressed . . . until we tried it. The response time was slow, and it […]

Part 4 (Blackberry)

In this part Use your BlackBerry Curve as a still and video camera (Chapter 13). Get entertained and have fun with Curve’s multimedia capabilities (Chapter 14). And finally,manage your media files (Chapter 15).

Surfing the Internet Wave using your BlackBerry Curve (Blackberry)

In This Chapter Using BlackBerry’s Browser to surf the Web Creating and organizing bookmarks Customizing and optimizing Browser Downloading and installing applications from the Web Using browsers in business It’s hard to believe that about 15 years ago, more folks didn’t have access to the Internet than did. Today, you can surf the Web anytime […]

Instant Messaging on BlackBerry Curve Messenger

In This Chapter Understanding the nuts and bolts of using BlackBerry Messenger Sending files Group chatting Broadcasting a message with your Curve In Chapter 9, you find a slew of ways to send messages on your BlackBerry Curve. In this chapter, you get the scoop on another way to send messages, using a special application […]

Using SMS and MMS,IM and Sending PIN-to-PIN messages via your BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Sending PIN-to-PIN messages Using SMS and MMS Setting up and using IM Figuring out messaging etiquette Your BlackBerry is primarily a communication tool, with e-mail messages and phone conversations as the major drivers. It’s a wonderful technology, but sometimes, another means of communication is more appropriate. For instance, e-mail isn’t the tool […]

Linking your e-mail accounts to your BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Linking your e-mail accounts to your BlackBerry Curve Adding your own e-mail signature Reconciling e-mails on your Curve and PC Receiving, sending, and spell-checking e-mails Deleting and filtering your e-mails Searching your e-mail Saving messages Your BlackBerry Curve brings a fresh new face to the convenience and ease of use that you […]

Part 3 (Blackberry)

In this part Here’s the good stuff: using your BlackBerry for e-mail  (Chapter 8), text messaging (Chapter 9), messaging using the BlackBerry Messenger (Chapter 10) and going online and Web surfing (Chapter 11).

Calling Your Favorite Person via BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Accessing the BlackBerry Phone application Making calls and receiving them Managing your calls with call forwarding and more Customizing your BlackBerry Phone setup Conferencing with more than one person Talking hands-free on your BlackBerry phone Multitasking with your BlackBerry phone The BlackBerry phone operates no differently from any other phone you’ve used. […]