In This Chapter Weather News Search engines, directories, and portals Business Travel Sports Advice and self-help Social and virtual networking Shopping and shipping information Other browsing categories Web surfing with a BlackBerry has improved dramatically with the newer models. With higher screen resolution and bigger real estate, your BlackBerry Curve should give you one good […]

Ten Must-Have Applications for your BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter SmrtGuard TetherBerry VibAndRing Viigo for BlackBerry PeeKaWho — E-mail and SMS Alert Zodiac Google Talk Mobile and Yahoo! Messenger Mobile WeatherEye Nobex Radio Companion Pandora and Slacker The availability of BlackBerry software is growing at a dizzying rate. In this chapter, we introduce ten must-have applications that make your BlackBerry Curve experience […]

Installing and Managing Third-Party Applications on BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Getting started with Application Loader Installing a BlackBerry Curve application Uninstalling applications Upgrading your Curve’s operating system Installing app store applications Managing applications on the Mac Think of your Curve as a minilaptop where you can run preinstalled applications as well as install new applications. You can even upgrade the operating system. […]

Ten Great BlackBerry Curve Accessories

In This Chapter Unify AV Solution microSD card Full keyboards Stereo headsets Case and belt clip Screen protector and skins Extra battery, charger, and charging pod External speaker Bluetooth Music Gateway Car mount The BlackBerry retail box contains a few essentials: a battery, a charger, a micro USB cable, a belt clip, and possibly a […]

Part 6 (Blackberry)

In this part If the earlier parts of this topic are the ice cream and hot fudge, this part is the whipped cream and cherry on top. Delve into these three short but sweet chapters to find out how to accessorize your BlackBerry Curve, boost your productivity, and max your BlackBerry experience with useful sites.

Performing a full backup of your BlackBerry Curve data

In This Chapter Performing a full backup of your BlackBerry Curve data Restoring from backups Selecting what data to back up Backing up and restoring wirelessly Imagine that you left your beautiful Curve in the back of a cab. You lost your Curve for good! Okay, not so good. What happens to all your information? […]

Switching from an old BlackBerry or PDA to a BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Switching from an old BlackBerry to a BlackBerry Curve Switching from a PDA to a BlackBerry Curve Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just make one device’s data available to another? That’s the future. But right now, RIM (Research In Motion) wants to make switching devices as painless as possible. That’s […]

BlackBerry Desktop Manager,Preparing your PC for PIM synchronization

In This Chapter Introducing BlackBerry Desktop Manager Preparing your PC for PIM synchronization Using manual and automatic synchronization What better way to keep your BlackBerry Curve updated than to synchronize it with your desktop application’s data? Arguably, most of the data you need to synchronize is from your personal information manager (PIM) applications: notes, appointments, […]

Part 5 (Blackberry)

In this part Here you discover essential information about some W m behind-the-scenes-yet-integral processes. Read all about BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which you direct to monitor and control database synchronization (Chapter 16). You’ll also find out how to leverage Switch Device Wizard to migrate your existing data to your new BlackBerry Curve (Chapter 17). Find out […]

Managing Media Files in BlackBerry Curve

In This Chapter Using your BlackBerry Curve as a flash drive Exploring and using Roxio The ways that you can get your hands on media constantly evolve. Ten years ago, who would have thought that you could buy music from a tiny card or from an “all you can download” monthly subscription? Someday, you’ll wake […]