Specifying an Automobile

1.11. Specifying an Automobile

For describing an automobile, the various factors taken into consideration are :
(a) Type. Whether scooter, motor cycle, car, lorry, truck etc.
(b) Carriage capacity. Whether 1/4 tonne, 1 tonne, 3 tonnes, etc. or 2 seater, 4 seater, 6
seater, 30 seater, 40 seater etc.
(c) Make. The name allotted by the manufacturer. It is generally the name of the power
unit indicating kW or number of cylinders or shape of the engine block.
id) Model. The year of manufacture or a specific code number allotted by the manufacturer.

(e) Drive, (i) Whether left hand or right hand drive, i.e. the steering is fitted on the left
hand side or right hand side.
(ii) Two wheel drive, four wheel drive, or six wheel drive.
As an example for specifying a truck, the typical specifications are given below :
(i) Type : Truck 312 L
(ii) Capacity : 17,025 kg

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