Automobile Industry (Automobile)


Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is a fast developing industry. From the later part of 18th century,
when the automobile was put on road, this industry has developed tremendously. Now there
are thousands of factories all over the world manufacturing numerous types of automobiles.
This industry employs millions of men and women directly and in the allied industries. The
automobile industry does not find its end or saturation point. There is a great demand for trained
and experienced persons in this industry for various activities.
The production of a new-model automobile from its inception to the complete vehicle takes
three or more years. Detailed drawings of every part have to be made. Machinery has to be set
up to make the parts. Material have to be made available in the manufacturing shop. The
assembly line has to be set up and machinery installed. People working in the machines and
assembly lines have to be suitably trained. Each major domestic automobile manufacturer
produces a number of body styles, body sizes, engine sizes, transmission types, colours, optional
equipment etc.

The automobile dealers keep the customers satisfied with the vehicles sold and the after
sales services. The modern service stations are normally equipped to carryout engine tune-up,
wheels balance, wheels alignment, repair of brake systems, and minor engine repairs, besides
working as a fuel filling station. The independent garages offer a complete line of automobile
service, from tune-up, alignments, and bodywork to complete overhaul of engines, transmis-
sions, differentials and other major components. The factory service engineers produce the shop
manuals that explain how to test and service all the components in the vehicle. When a new
vehicle comes out, the service engineers organise training of mechanics for servicing the vehicle.

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