Image Processing Reference
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and you can easily see the benefit of giving your images a more understandable and
memorable name.
Luckily, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop both make the renaming process
painless. Elements has a Batch Rename function that can be found in File Browser. On
Windows, select File > Rename Multiple Files. Macintosh users will select Automate >
Batch Rename.
Note: Organizer does not allow you to rename files. You'll need to use the File Browser to handle
this task.
When renaming images you have the option to rename the file in the same
folder, or to move the file to a new folder. Unless you have a reason to, I recommend
renaming in the same folder.
Numerous options are available in the list boxes under File Naming. I nor-
mally use the date and subject as the filename with a 3- or 4-digit serial number. In
Figure 1.13, all the images will be renamed to 0504_bodie_0123.DCR . Bodie is the
subject, the images are from May 2004, and 0123 will be the sequential numbers cre-
ated automatically. Batch rename shows an example of the filename.
Figure 1.13
Using Batch Rename gives a
number of options for file
naming. I usually use date_
Note: To paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to that file extension! Batch rename will not
convert your files to GIF or use .gif as the extension. It's just there as an example.
Bridge offers more options with Batch Rename, which is found under Tools >
Batch Rename (as shown in Figure 1.14). Bridge includes the option to make a copy of
the file rather than renaming and moving the original.
Using Metadata
Metadata is a fancy way of saying “extra information.” All digital cameras store metadata,
typically in what is known as EXIF format. EXIF, or Exchangeable Image File format, is a
standard way of storing information about the camera and its settings, and it normally
includes date and time, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, flash information, and other
shooting data. Figure 1.15 shows what kind of information is found in a typical image file.
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