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As we're sure you've noticed by now, this chapter doesn't contain a Hello World sam-
ple. We hope that, rather than rushing to get your money back, you understand the
reason for this. The enterprise is a huge place, containing lots of platforms, technolo-
gies, and some extremely difficult problems. In the enterprise, Hello World doesn't
cut the mustard. There will be plenty of sample code throughout the rest of the topic,
and we promise that in the next chapter our first sample will be rather more than five
lines of code and a call to System.out !
What this chapter does contain is a discussion of the problems with the current
enterprise technologies. For some of you with years of OSG i experience, this infor-
mation probably confirms what you already know. For others, we hope you now have
a sense of how easily applications can become complex, particularly when they're
With its long history and the breadth of support now offered by OSG i for enter-
prise technologies, it should be clear that OSG i is ready for the enterprise. It should
also be clear that, whether you're an OSG i developer whose application needs are get-
ting too big, or you're a Java EE developer tired of object minestrone and debugging
your application's classpath for the thousandth time, you're ready for enterprise OSG i.
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