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OSGi and Jigsaw
OSG i has had a long relationship with the Java SE specification, but the relationship is
slightly uneasy. The first flirtation with incorporating OSG i into Java SE goes all the
way back to 1999, with JSR -8. This JSR was withdrawn and never made it into the Java
specification. OSG i continued to gain popularity as an independent add-on to Java
until the subject of Java modularity was re-introduced with JSR -277, “Java Module Sys-
tem.” JSR -277 was followed by two more JSR s, JSR -291, “Dynamic Component Support
for Java SE ,” and JSR -291, “Improved Modularity Support in the Java Programming
Language.” JSR -291 is based on the OSG i specification, and provides modularity as a
layer that sits on top of core Java. JSR -277 and JSR -294, together known as Jigsaw, inte-
grate modularity support into the architecture Java SE platform. The design of JSR -294
and JSR -277, and which release the implementation should be targeted for, has been
subject to regular revision. After slipping from Java 7 to Java 8, it's currently slated for
delivery with Java 9. The extent to which these new specifications should borrow ideas
from OSG i or interoperate with OSG i is controversial. It does seem that neither Java 7's
nor Java 8's baked-in modularity will be sufficient to satisfy the requirements currently
satisfied by OSG i, and that OSG i won't be made obsolete by Jigsaw in the near future.
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