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includes a version of the Felix web console that allows more complete management of
all the installed bundles, packages, and services, and application bundles can also be
managed with a JMX client like JConsole.
OSG i support is relatively new in JB oss, and we're looking forward to seeing the
support continue to develop. In contrast, the last two products we'll discuss, Paremus
Nimble and Service Fabric, have OSG i support baked in.
Paremus Nimble and Paremus Service Fabric
With the possible exception of Apache Karaf, which is more of a platform than a
server, all the products that we've discussed so far are relatively conventional Java EE
application servers. The last product we'll discuss, Paremus Service Fabric, is rather
different. The main feature of Service Fabric is its cloudiness—it provides a private
cloud that can run Java EE , web, or OSG i applications. The Service Fabric cloud is built
on an OSG i platform, Paremus Nimble. Nimble is in many ways analogous to Apache
Karaf; it provides a layer on top of the basic OSG i runtime with significant improve-
ments to the shell, logging, and deployment.
Provisioning and deployment
One difference between Karaf and Nimble is Nimble's provisioning support. One of
the main focuses of the Service Fabric platform is sophisticated provisioning and
deployment of applications, and this support is built into the Nimble kernel. When an
application is deployed or fresh function is exercised, Nimble automatically down-
loads and installs appropriate runtimes and containers (see figure 13.12). For exam-
ple, Service Fabric's Java EE support is based on the GlassFish Java EE container, but
this container isn't loaded until a Java EE application is deployed. When the applica-
tion is undeployed, GlassFish is unloaded.
Figure 13.12 The bundle IDs show that the core Nimble distribution includes only a handful of bundles.
When the fancyfoods.api and fancyfoods.web bundles are installed, more bundles are provi-
sioned, including the jetty web container and a few GlassFish bundles.
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