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Another well-established application server that has introduced support for OSG i appli-
cations in recent editions is JB oss. Like GlassFish, JB oss is open source, but paid support
is available. JB oss OSG i is a new feature in JB oss Application Server 7 that provides sup-
port for OSG i applications. JB oss provides a Blueprint implementation and WAB sup-
port, as well as other OSG i functions like Config Admin and Declarative Services.
In some other areas, JB oss doesn't include as many enterprise OSG i features as
some of the other servers we've discussed. At the time of writing, JB oss doesn't support
persistence bundles and has only limited JNDI function. Web application support is
also limited, because OSG i web applications run on the Pax Web container rather than
the default JB oss web container. Several useful features are missing from the Pax Web
container, including integrated security, servlet 3 annotations, and JSP support.
Because of these constraints, the JB oss team currently recommends using Java EE
for web applications, with JNDI bridges to OSG i bundles for the rest of the application.
These hybrid applications are arguably less modular than pure- OSG i applications, but
they allow applications to use JSP s and servlet annotations. Improved JNDI , persistence
bundle support, and migration of the WAB support onto the JB oss web container are
all on the medium term JB oss roadmap.
Interestingly, JB oss OSG i isn't based on an existing OSG i framework like Felix or
Equinox; instead it leverages and extends existing modularity capabilities within the
application server. One implication of this is that JB oss can't exploit normal OSG i con-
soles like the Equinox and Felix ones. The JB oss web console allows administration of
the base OSG i framework properties and bundles (see figure 13.11). The server also
Figure 13.11 The JBoss administrative console has an OSGi section that allows you
to view and configure the framework properties and server bundles.
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