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Figure 13.7 WebSphere Application Server provides management support for updating individual bun-
dles in an EBA. For example, the fancyfoods.department.chocolate bundle may be updated from
version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 after the initial deployment when a new version of the chocolate bundle becomes
Eclipse Virgo and Gemini
We've discussed Apache Aries extensively throughout this topic, but it's not the only
enterprise OSG i implementation in town. One of the great things about standards-
based technologies is that there are multiple implementations; as a user, you're free to
pick and choose the one that suits you best. Eclipse Gemini is an Eclipse project with a
mission similar to Apache Aries; it provides independently consumable components
that implement various sections of the enterprise OSG i specification. Gemini provides
the reference implementations for the web application container and Blueprint ser-
vice parts of enterprise OSG i. Like Apache Aries, the Gemini components are
intended to be incorporated into an application server.
The primary consumer of the Gemini components is the Eclipse Virgo application
server. Virgo is based on an initial donation from SpringSource of the Spring dm
Server. Because of its rich Spring support (it even packages Spring 3), Virgo will
appeal to you if you develop for Spring. Virgo's JPA implementation is written with
EclipseLink in mind, rather than Open JPA , so if you're using EclipseLink, Virgo may
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