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Figure 13.4 Geronimo lists all installed EBAs and allows you to start, stop, and uninstall them. Conve-
niently, it also shows the web context root.
Figure 13.5 The Geronimo console includes a nice graphical bundle viewer that shows a bundle's pack-
age and service dependencies.
WebSphere Application Server
An even higher level of application server support is available with WebSphere Appli-
cation Server. Like Geronimo, WebSphere incorporates and integrates the Apache
Aries components. It also provides nice extensions and enhancements to enterprise
OSG i support beyond what's available in Aries. WebSphere support for OSG i applica-
tions has been available since WebSphere Application Server version 7. In version 7,
the support was shipped as a separate feature pack, whereas in version 8, OSG i applica-
tion support was included in the base server.
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