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Figure 13.2 To install Aries into Karaf, you'll need to install the war , transaction , jpa , jndi , and
application-without-isolation features.
WARNING: EXECUTION ENVIRONMENTS Some versions of Karaf don't have the
execution environments configured correctly, which means installation of the
fancyfoods feature fails. To correct the problem, add the JavaSE-1.6 environ-
ment to the list of supported environments in Karaf's etc/ file.
After the Aries and Open JPA bundles are installed, your fancyfoods feature should
install. Alternatively, because you've had practice with features by now, you could take
advantage of Karaf's hot deploy feature and copy your Fancy Foods .eba file into the
deploy folder in your Karaf installation. The Fancy Foods application will be accessible
on http://localhost:8181/fancyfoods.web/SayHelloShopping.
WARNING: CHEESE OFFER MISSING? The Fancy Foods application has been
written to take advantage of some features that were introduced in the 0.4
release of the Aries JPA bundle, and the 0.3.1 release of the transaction wrappers
bundle. If you're using earlier versions of this bundle, you'll see that the choc-
olate offer is present, but the cheese offer is missing. To get the cheese offer
working, you'll need to adjust the persistence.xml to use the more verbose JNDI
names for the datasources, for example: OSGi:service/javax.sql.Data-
Source/ ( . You'll also need
to manually enhance your JPA entities.
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