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Karaf and ServiceMix
Although it's technically correct to say ServiceMix is built on Karaf, it doesn't tell the
whole story; it's also true to say Karaf is based on ServiceMix. Karaf began life as
the ServiceMix kernel, and was spun off into its own project when it became apparent
how generally useful it would be.
repository with many useful feature definitions, and new feature repositories can eas-
ily be added.
The features feature
Confused about the features feature, and how Karaf features relate to other Karaf
features? Is features a feature, or is it a function? Karaf features illustrate the perils
of overloading common words when naming product, er, features. We haven't yet
found a good way of disambiguating between Karaf features (canned chunks of third-
party function that can easily be provisioned into a Karaf runtime), Karaf features
(Karaf's support for provisioning said third-party function), and Karaf features (all the
other bits of Karaf function that make it such a handy runtime). We're afraid you'll
have to rely on the context and hope for the best!
To see the available features, use the features:list command (see figure 13.1).
Figure 13.1
To see the features Karaf can install, use the features:list command.
As a bonus, Maven URL s are supported. This makes installing feature-compliant prod-
ucts and applications as easy as typing (for example) the following:
features:addurl mvn:fancyfoods/fancyfoods.karaf/1.0.0/xml/features
features:install fancyfoods
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