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Choosing a stack
This chapter covers
Your options for running enterprise OSGi applications
An overview of popular enterprise OSGi platforms
This topic is a book about enterprise OSG i, rather than any particular implementa-
tion or server. Nonetheless, no one's going to get far with enterprise OSG i without
some sort of implementation to play with! In the examples, you've been using a lit-
tle toy assembly to get you going on the important stuff without getting bogged
down in the details of any particular application server.
Now that you've got the hang of enterprise OSG i, you're probably thinking
about going into production. We definitely don't recommend your toy stack for
this—as we've said several times, Apache Aries on its own isn't an application
server! Working through the examples in this topic, you've hit several limitations
that disappear when you move to a more full-featured application server. What
should you be using to run your real applications, when you've moved beyond your
simple sample stack?
You probably won't be surprised to hear that the answer is “it depends.” After all,
if everyone was running enterprise OSG i applications the same way, we would have
shown you that, rather than using the Aries assembly! More and more application
server vendors and communities are adding support for OSG i applications to their
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