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In Distributed OSG i, service.exported.configs can be used to define the URL at
which your web service is registered. To start, set the service.exported.configs
property value to . When Distributed OSG i sees this value for the
service.exported.configs property, it begins looking for other, implementation-
specific properties. The property for setting the web service URL is . By default, Distributed OSG i URL s are of the form
Distributed OSG i offers a number of other mechanisms for exposing your service,
such as JAX - RS (all of this is implementation-specific). The Remote Services Specifica-
tion requires implementations to support services that don't specify any implementa-
tion-specific configuration. As such, you'll keep your service clean and vendor-neutral
by not specifying any configuration.
Although you haven't imported your service back into an OSG i framework, you
shouldn't underestimate the power of what you've achieved. What you've got here is a
remotely available OSG i-based web service. You can even get hold of the WSDL (Web
Services Description Language) for your service by going to http://localhost:9000/
fancyfoods/offers/SpecialOffer?wsdl. For those of you who know a little about web
services, this is exciting stuff: you can see a complete description of your OSG i service
(see figure 10.10).
Figure 10.10
The WSDL for your remote service
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