Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Hooking up remote
systems with distributed OSGi
This chapter covers
The Remote Services Specification
How remote services differ from local services
Exposing an OSGi service as an external
Transparently calling a remote endpoint as an
OSGi service
SCA as an alternative distribution mechanism
In previous chapters, you've spent a great deal of effort building a scalable, extensi-
ble online superstore application. Although it's unlikely that this exact application
will ever be used in a production system, it does demonstrate the sorts of patterns
that real enterprise applications use, such as that the application can be added to
over time.
Given the small loads and small amounts of data that you've been using in the
Fancy Foods application, you aren't stretching the limits of a typical development
laptop, let alone a production server, but it's easy to see that if you were to increase
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