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Figure 9.18 The Rational tools support Aries-style EBA applications. The APPLICATION.MF files may be
edited as text files or in a GUI editor.
The Rational tools have special project
types for OSG i bundles and applications,
and nice editors for APPLICATION.MF files
(see figure 9.18).
The Rational tools also allow you to
take advantage of Eclipse's existing sup-
port for programming models like servlets
and JPA (see figure 9.19).
The Rational tools do have a slightly dif-
ferent source layout, which you may find
inconvenient if you've set your build up to
use a normal PDE layout. On the other
hand, if you're used to using Eclipse's WTP
(Web Tools Platform) tools, you may find
the code layout more natural. Certainly, its
integration with both the enterprise and
enterprise OSG i programming models may
make it a handy addition to your toolkit.
Figure 9.19 In the Java EE perspective, the
web.xml files of OSGi bundles with the web facet
can be easily visualized and manipulated.
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