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IDE development tools
This chapter covers
OSGi development with Eclipse PDE
The bndtools Eclipse plug-in
Eclipse Libra
Other Eclipse plug-ins for enterprise OSGi
OSGi support in NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA
At the beginning of chapter 8, we mentioned that whichever build tool you choose,
you'll probably want to use it in concert with a complementary IDE . What choices
do you have for IDE s? Do any of them offer special support for enterprise OSG i?
The good news is that there's rich support for OSG i in development tools, and sup-
port for enterprise OSG i is growing.
Your decision about which set of IDE tools to use will partly be determined by
whether you prefer a code-first or manifest-first development style, and which build
tools you're using. On the other hand, you may already have an IDE in mind, and
that might determine your choice of build tools! Figure 9.1 shows one possible
route to making a decision about which IDE to use—but feel free to work from
right to left instead if you already know which IDE you want to use.
Although the range of IDE s that support OSG i is growing, Eclipse is the most pop-
ular and mature platform for OSG i development, so we'll start our discussion there.
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