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The OSG i tools ecosystem is big, and many of the tools are powerful (or compli-
cated!). We could probably write a whole topic on OSG i tools. Hopefully this chapter
has given you an overview of what kind of tool options are out there, and some start-
ing points to find more information on individual tools.
The key differentiators between many of the tool stacks is whether your OSG i
development starts with an OSG i manifest or starts with plain code. After you've made
this decision, you'll find the choice between tools like bnd and Tycho starts to get
made for you. As you move on to test your bundles, you'll find that many of your
build-time tools have natural testing extensions. In particular, almost all testing tools
offer some level of Maven integration. How do all these tools fit together?
Figure 8.3 shows how the tools we've been discussing relate to one another and the
broader tooling ecosystem. We'll cover the middle section of figure 8.3, IDE tools, in
the next chapter.
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